Graphic designer Cork


Thanks for stopping by and taking a few moments to look over my work.
To tell you a little bit about myself well I am Norbert, a friendly, happy, yet hard working graphic designer and I’d love to do some work for you!

I’m a full time senior graphic designer based in Cork also registered sole trader in Ireland. I’ve got more than 6 years of professional graphic design experience and I have a wide array of skills suited for most artistic jobs.
I work hard to create artwork to an excellent standard from initial concepts through to print ready files.

Over the years I have worked on many fun and exciting jobs such as:
Exhibition display design, Storyboards, Banners, Signs, Stationery, Logo design, Branding and so much more before this reading getting really boring.
I am also familiar with photography and vehicle graphic design as well.

I hope that I can help you out with your artistic needs and please feel free to email me if you have any questions.